In the name of GOD (Bis'mi-llahi), the GRACIOUS (Er' Rah'maani), the MERCIFUL (Er' Rahiim)

     My name is Shuaib Abdullahi born in Accra, Ghana, a koranic researcher and a critical thinker base on religion, who does online lectures base on the guidance of the Koran on platforms such as Facebook and Youtube since 2018. I studied basics in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) grammar and comprehension in the elementary schools back in Ghana, such as Daru's Salaam Islamic School (Nima) and Irshadiya Islamic School (Nima) from the year 1998-2003, afterwards I studied by myself for years.
     I later on moved to Finland in the year 2010 and further studied online on how to understand Arabic and its word forms, especially the Classical Arabic (Fus'ha), so through my understanding of the variations of the dialects, I came to know that the Koranic Arabic is actually “A Classic” as compared to the MSA and the Classical Arabic, I found out that in order to understand the teachings of the Koran, one must solely submit to Ellah alone (Koran 2:208) and supplicate to Him in order to gain the permission from Him befor grasping the knowledge thereof (Koran 55:1-4 & 20:114).
      I am the author of the book; REFER TO THE KORAN which helps every novice to understand the steps towards understanding the Koran and the Guidance of GOD before approaching it. So before one might ask why I chose to use the word “Koran” instead of the well-known spelling of the word “Quran”, I just wanted my version of translations to stand out from the majority, as the word “Koran” is just the English version of the Arabic word “Qur'aan”.
      THE GREAT KORAN was first published exclusively to some few number of people who believed in the messages of Koran just to see the response and reviews, therefore this version is meant to be the upgraded edition of the 2019 release which has been transliterated from Arabic and then translated to English and designed by myself to make it easier and much efficient for the majority of the people who have been unable to access the Koranic messages for decades, this book actually presents the Koran in a more unique sense and helps its reader to better understand the verses by subjects, contexts and references, it is one of its kind in the world. Finally, I present to you the 2021 edition of THE GREAT KORAN.

The Great Koran